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Lockdown diaries / 8G3

A positive effect of the lockdown was that you learned a lot about computers and how to use some programs.

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts haben die Schüler der 8G3 ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Lockdown beschrieben.

Die Texte sind eine bunte Palette von Gedanken zu Themen wie der ökonomischen Abhängigkeit von Asien, der geringen Bezahlung und Wertschätzung von Pflegeberufen oder der Bedeutung von Familie.

Aber es geht auch um ganz persönliche Erfahrungen wie extreme Langeweile, Dankbarkeit, in Deutschland zu leben, Großmütter, die dank des Homeschoolings geistig fit bleiben, und die Sehnsucht nach vierlagigem Klopapier ;-)

Allen Texten gemeinsam ist der Versuch, dieser Krise auch etwas Gutes abzugewinnen. Da könnte so mancher Verschwörungstheoretiker und Corona-Demonstrant etwas lernen!

Viel Spaß beim Lesen,

Ulrike Després

The Lockdown

During the last 8 weeks we had a lockdown in Germany because of Corona. Schools, hairdressers and many other shops had to close because of Covid-19. You were advised not to meet your friends or go to shops that were still open. For me the last 8 weeks have been good most of the time because I was at home. We have a TV and other things that you can have fun with, like some balls or games. Additionally, we have a basketball hoop with which we can play basketball.

Sometimes it was hard when there was a lot of schoolwork, but that wasn’t too often the case. A positive effect of the lockdown was that you learned a lot about computers and how to use some programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.

But I also missed some things, like the Bundesliga or 4-layered quality toilet paper. Home-schooling was sometimes good because you can get up whenever you want or can make your own timetable. But something bad was that you had to print so much. Sometimes I missed handball or tennis because you only were at home and didn’t do much sport. But we were lucky because at our father’s office there is a handball goal.  

My conclusion is that the 8 weeks of lockdown weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. 

Lasse Trautmann

The Corona Lockdown

I would like to say something about the situation and my impression of the corona lockdown and home-schooling.

First it was fun because over the weekend the government decided to close schools, shops and all the places you can go. Overnight everything changed. On Monday home-schooling started. We got a lot of emails with lists what we had to do. After two weeks everything worked well, but you always had to work alone, you could not meet friends for workgroups. Studying at home on your own is very different to studying at school.

For me it was not really hard because the school work went well, our teachers sent material and we had enough to do but I also had still a lot of time for other things I liked to do.

There are a few points which were good and we can learn something from it. Now we notice that we normally have freedom in everything we do. We can do whatever we want to, we can go wherever we want to, we can visit other people and no one says anything against that. Suddenly it was not allowed to visit grandparents and other members of the family. That was very sad for me. And I noticed how important family is.

In this extreme situation maybe the government sees how important some professions are and that they deserve more respect. A lot of people lost their jobs because of the lockdown. It is also important that essential products should be produced in our country and not in countries all over the world.

At the beginning of home-schooling it was a little bit crazy but then it became normal. Home-schooling was new for all of us, but I think it is better to go to school and to study at school, there we can ask our teachers and they can explain difficult things for all pupils easily. School at home is not really good, but now we are in this situation and I think we should make the best of it.

For my parents home-schooling was okay. My mother didn´t have to help me so much because I stayed at my grandparents’ for 8 weeks. My mother only had to look for English because my grandparents don´t speak English very well. Sometimes my grandmother helped me with German and that was good for her so she stays fit with what she learned!

The lockdown opened my eyes for what is really important. We have to pay attention for each other.

All in all it is a really strange time and I will be happy when everything returns back to normal.

Henrik Speier

My time during the lockdown

The first two weeks of lockdown were fun because you didn't have to spend that much time for school as you usually do and there was a chance to get to know school in another way. I had plenty of time for other stuff like riding my bike or playing football with my brother. But after those two weeks the soccer pitch was closed. Then it was pretty hard for me because I was at home most of the time and played video games with friends. My motivation for studying at home also got smaller and I was bored most of the day. There wasn't much more to do than riding my bike or going on a hike with my parents. Even playing video games got boring after some time. My birthday was boring and everything else I did, because I did it the tenth time that day.

But all in all this lockdown shaped my life a bit and I don't really want anything like that to happen again.

Marcin Wilman


SinceMarch ourlife haschanged completely.

The first weeks of Corona were very unusual. Everything felt unreal, you thought you’re ina movie. Time after time the shops and restaurants closed, the streetswere empty,and the news were full of Corona.You had something like a big question markin your head. How is it going along? What about school? Of course, because of the situation and the big questionmark I was afraidtoo.What about my grandparents? When will everything be over? Now,aftereight weeks the situationhas changeda bit.The question mark is still there, but Igot used to the situation. Surprisinglythe time of that kind of quarantine was faster over than I thought.

A few things were very hard, I couldn’t see my friends and had a lot of time left. It was very hard not to see my friends more than eight weeks in a row. When you’re used to see your friends five times a week you really start to miss them. Of course I had many phone calls, but it’s a big difference to see them in real life than on the screen of your phone. The hardest time while Corona was the second week of the Easter holiday. The first week was great. I could relax and recover from all the tasks and work I’ve done the weeks before. It was nice weather too and I could spend a lot of time in the garden. But in the second week it was very boring. I didn’t know what to do. I oftenfelt uselessanddidn’t know how to spend my timeor why I should stand up. For example one day it was so boring Istarted cleaning the whole house.

But there is one good thing about it: family. I don’t remember when I spend so much time with my family. We often watched movies or talked about many things. Of course we had arguments, especially with my little sister, when you see your family the whole day - and only your family!

The best time while Corona was my grandpa’s birthday. They live an hour and a half away and we don’t see them very often. We drove to them and surprised them. They were very pleased and it made me glad to see how happy they were. It was great but a bit weird too because you had to keep distance and we ate our cake outside in the car park.

School changed too. I really liked homeschooling. I liked to organize my day. Later in your job you have to be independent and this was a very good exercise. I could choose when I do which task and if I do it before or after lunch, in the morning after I woke up or in the evening before I went to sleep. Of course it's something different when a teacher stands in front of you and you can ask questions, but so you had to answer them by yourself. For my parents homeschooling was a new experience too. It was a very stressful time and my parents worked a lot. But of course I had question sometimes and asked them. I guess they are happy when it ends soon ;)

Corona changed my attitude to a lot of things. When you’re in a lockdown and have no activities or school you notice how many things are natural and routine. I had a lot of time and didn’t know how to use it. I think the first time in my life I missed school, my teachers and schoolmates. I wanted to go to school and have lessons instead of being at home alone with my family. I realized that school isn’t only the place where I learn and have tests. You have fun with your friends. You talk about things which get you on your nerves, talk about teachers you don’t understand and like or just laugh together. In such a crazy, weird time I started to be happy about the little things in life. I realized how important it is to have good friends and something, for example a sport, you really like, so I think a lot things have a higher value now.

To put it in a nutshell I think Corona has been a very intense time and an interesting experience. Later when we are old and maybegrandparents we can tell our grandchildren about this crazy unreal time during Corona.

Marie Heinevetter

Corona holidays

Since March the whole world has been in lockdown because of the corona virus. In Germany all schools closed, so I have homeschooling.

During that time I sat at home and did my schoolwork, I enjoyed the time and did things I always wanted to do. Among other things, I helped my mum with the household chores. It was and is a relaxing time.

Sometimes it was very hard for me, because some school subjects like maths, bilingual physics and chemistry were complicated for me. Of course my parents helped me with my schoolwork, but my parents were very tired after working with me, because I didn’t understand what they tried to explain me. I think for my parents it was very hard and they will be happy when I can go back to school and ask my teachers. Good about the homeschooling was that I could study without time pressure.

Lockdown has changed me a lot. My attitude towards school and everything else is different now. My family noticed that I have become stricter with other people and with myself. My love of order became even stronger. What I have come to appreciate more is that you should enjoy life. Every day I watch the news and see the numbers of deaths and then I realize that so many innocent people died from a virus in a pandemic. So many people lost loved ones. I’m lucky to be well in such a difficult time.

All in all, I think later my kids will ask me how the pandemic and the quarantine went, because it will be their school topic.

But one thing that I’m very proud of is my home country Germany. Germany is known in the whole world for one of the countries who fought the virus best with a very low death toll and a very good healthcare system. Plus, we have a very good government that acted quickly. I could write so much more, because I watched so many talkshows about the situation and the corona virus. I’m well informed. After the pandemic I’m proud to be German. Everyone knows which countries survive such major problems.

Emma Logemann

The Lockdown

In the following paragraphs I will tell you about my personal experience with the lockdown and my thoughts and hopes.

My personal experience with the lockdown was actually not that bad. Of course I thought that it was a pity not to go out and have a coffee with my friends for example but I understood the situation and even though it was allowed to meet another person, I decided not to meet anybody. My father and mother both work in a hospital so if I took the Corona virus to my family, they would have taken it to their patients and colleagues. I felt responsible for my parents’ health but also for the health of all people that are in hospital. I didn’t want to be the reason for deaths.

I hope that the good thing about this pandemic is that politicians learned something, for example that we should not produce everything in China because if China stops producing, we have a big problem and I also hope that all the nurses will be paid better in the future. We need people to do this job, they are so important for our health care system.

Homeschooling was actually pretty good because I could do my homework whenever I wanted to, especially for me this is great, because I can concentrate from 1 a.m. till 5 a.m. the best. Usually I can’t do anything for school in that time but homeschooling made it possible. My parents actually haven’t noticed a difference between my normal school day and homeschooling. I usually never ask my parents anything about school, and that didn’t happen during quarantine either.

To be honest I am a little disappointed in our society. So many people didn’t care about COVID-19. I don’t like the word “hate” but everybody who hugged others or still met with people made me hate them. How can you be so selfish and disrespectful to all people that worked more than ever in this crisis? I just don’t get it. Also if you have older neighbours you could help them with grocery shopping, so many didn’t do that.

One month ago I went for a walk and I saw about 15 teenagers sitting all together. I was so incredibly angry, luckily the police saw them and talked to them. Why can’t they just stay at home or go for a walk on their own or with their family.

But one of the most ruthless people was Salomon Kalou, a football player from Hertha BSC. He made fun of Corona and filmed himself walking to his team-mates and shaking hands with them. I really don’t know what to say about that, I am just speechless.

But luckily there were also some intelligent people who stayed at home and cared for their neighbours and family.

To sum up I just hope we all learned something from Corona and will behave a bit better if something like this happens again.

Sarah Wild